Donor Stories

Video of Ben Cares

Ben Cares '72 discusses how he and his wife Mary Jo Michener Cares have contributed to the future of Allegheny College by naming the College as a beneficiary of their wills.

Video of Bruce Forsgren

Bruce Forsgren '54 expands upon the benefits both alumni and Allegheny College receive when establishing a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.

Video of Carol Lewis

Carol Lewis '52 shares her confidence in Allegheny College's Charitable Gift Annuity program and in the wonderful traditions the College has encouraged all these years.

Video of John Frick

John Frick '72 explains how having hope in the caliber and achievements of future Allegheny graduates led him and his wife Deborah Watson '72 to include the College in their wills.

Video of Silas Mountsier, Steve, and Sylvia Thomas Mountsier

Silas Mountsier '52 and Steve '52 and Sylvia Thomas '51 Mountsier describe the importance of Allegheny College to their family and how they have highlighted their shared Allegheny experiences by giving to the College through their wills.

Video of Peggy Toman Siegle

Peggy Toman Siegle '70 shares her appreciation for her Allegheny College education and how it prompted her to leave a lasting legacy.

Photo of Jose Rodriguez ’89. Link to his story.

Jose Rodriguez ’89: "Naming Allegheny in my estate was a very easy way to thank her for all she has given to me and my family. I want to secure a brighter future for her."

Photo of Darrell ’58 and Joan Saunders Kennedy. Link to their story.

Darrell ’58 and Joan Saunders Kennedy: Charitable gift annuities are a way to provide for Allegheny while receiving attractive financial benefits. “An annuity,” explains Darrell, “is a simple and straightforward way to support Allegheny’s future.”

Photo of  Diane Sutter, ’72. Link to her story.

Diane Sutter ’72 knows the legacy she wants to leave behind, and a planned gift to Allegheny College is a large part of that. “When you’ve led a good and fortunate life,” she says, “you should want to pay it forward.”


Judith La Manna Rivette
Makes Gifts That Feed the Body and the Mind

Photo of Dr. Margaret S. Burns. Link to her story

Dr. Margaret S. Burns ‘61
“Pays It Back and Pays It Forward” With a Gift in Her Will


Betsy Dotson '74
The Betsy Dotson ’74 Experiential Learning Fund, established by her parents after her death, has helped students like Anacelia Gomez ’15 gain invaluable experience during her summer internship in Washington, DC.

Allegheny-NL-25-photo edited.jpg

Linda A. Palmiero ’66
Linda A. Palmiero ’66 has accomplished much in her life, from helping to ensure the future of her family’s automobile dealership to solidifying the success of Allegheny College and many of its students.


President Jim Mullen and John Sutphen
Alumnus John Sutphen ’78, P ’09, and Professor Emeritus Glen Wurst believe in the power of education to transform lives — those of students and the people they interact with in their communities and careers.


The Mountsiers
When it comes to attending and supporting Allegheny, the Mountsiers make it a family tradition.

Photo of Michael and Barbara Marvin Mize. Link to their story.

Michael and Barbara Marvin Mize
Michael and Barbara Marvin Mize graduated from Allegheny College in 1971. They raised a family and went on to successful professional careers while living in Oklahoma City where they moved shortly after graduation.

Photo of William Feisley. Link to his story.

William Feisley ’48
A generous bequest from the late William Feisley ’48 will ensure that the Special Collections and the Philip Mohr Benjamin Reading Room will be maintained properly well into the College’s third century.

Photo of Nancy Ayres Fredrick. Link to her story.

Nancy Ayres Frederick ’52
With support from a generous bequest from Nancy Ayres Frederick ’52, the Art Department renovated the darkroom, expanding its size to create a comfortable learning environment that helps art majors and nonmajors alike develop into sophisticated image users.

Photo of Herb Niles. Link to his story.

Herb Niles ’59
Trustee Dr. Herb Niles ‘59 chose to support Allegheny by naming it the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. “Allegheny enabled me to attain my goal of admission to medical school,” said Herb.


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