THE WILLIAM BENTLEY LEGACY SOCIETY recognizes all alumni and friends who, with vision and generosity, have made a provision for Allegheny College through a bequest, deferred gift, or life-income gift.

Bold= New Members; * Deceased; P = Parent; # President’s Society; & New Member 2015-16

Matthew Timothy Adams and Jennifer Slater Adams 2004/2006
*W. James Aiken, Jr. 1942
Corinne Keiko Akahoshi and Daniel N. Futterman 1979/
Richard L. Alfred and Patricia Carter 1966/P1997
#Christian L. Allison and Jane France 1983/
Jose R. Alonso and Carol Travis Alonso /1963
Ruth Donaldson and Raymond H. Andel 1985/
Robert L. Anderson 1967
Ann Holmes Areson 1967
David L. Bagley and Michaeleen Dunay Bagley 1959/1961
Norman H. Baker and Marie Baker 1950/
William Winfield Baker and Linda Kiss Baker 1959/1962
William R. Balash and Theola Conto Balash 1952/
Robert B. Baldwin and Christine Magill Baldwin 1974/1974
William S. Bamford and Heidi Ziemer Bamford /1982
William J. Barner 1943
Clark W. Barnes
Sandra Boyer Barnes 1972
Shirlee Bates
Robert W. Baum and Janet W. Baum 1958/
James H. Beall and Valerie Henneous Beall /1944
Nancy Beere 1955
#Katherine Belt P1975
Jean A. Berger
Judith A. Berges 1963
Samuel J. Biondolillo 1956
Dennis E. Bires and Marian J. Bires 1976/
Mona Pierce Bishop 1955
James F. Bisset, Jr. and Kay Johnston Bisset 1958/1957
#Gladys Mullenix Black 1954
Michael Fazzino and Megan Ann Bleil /1996
Robert O. Blomquist and Audrey M. Blomquist 1952/
Matthew Adam Bocchi 2013
#Harry E. Bonner 1957
Suzanne Wunderlich Bonnett 1954
Edward J. Borowsky
James P. Bosley and Mary Rankin Bosley /1957
Florence Yeager Bouwman 1953
Susan Fry Bovet 1968
Miriam Geyser Bowman 1949
Benjamin Cooper Bracken and Sarah Schindler Bracken 1994/1993
#George C. Bradley 1961
Timothy James Brady and Allison Palmiero Brady 1992/1992
Marcella Branagan
William J. Branch and Anne Fowler Branch 1961/1963
Susan Davis Brandse and P. C. Brandse 1959/
Richard K. Brandt and Kathryn Gibson Brandt 1966/
Frederick H. Braymer 1961
Richard E. Brennan 1968
#F. Sebert Brewer, Jr. and Barrett Brewer P2002/P2002
John T. Brook and Katherine Ellis Brook 1960/1959
Sally Miller Brooks 1948
#Gary M. Brost and Willow Wilcox Brost 1974/1974
Karin Anne Brown 2004
Lois E. Brown
Margaret Sue Burns and Roy W. Bellhorn 1961/
Sarah Elizabeth Burroughs 1988
George L. Byrnes and Linda C. DeMeritt
Donald I. Cairns and Kathe Tunnell Cairns /1966
#Myron Ellsworth Cale and Dolores R. Cale 1949/P1972
Albert A. Campbell IV and Megan Franley Campbell 1995/1995
Mark Richard Campbell and Nancy Middleton Campbell 1982/1983
John D. Cantrell and Cynthia Howarth Cantrell /1954
Benjamin C. Cares and Mary Jo Michener Cares 1972/
John C. Cervone and Nancy Warner Cervone 1973/1974
Ernest G. Chandler, Jr. and Carol Anderson Chandler /1957
Wayne Chapeskie and Margaret Markowitz Chapeskie /1983
Christopher P. Chengelis and Maryanne F. Chengelis 1972/
Anthony Chivetta and Dolores K. Chivetta
C. Bernie Clark and Pamela Teets Clark 2001/2001
#F. Thomas Clark 1962
Jill Clarke
John C. Clendenin and Dona G. Clendenin 1972/P2007
David D. Coffin, Jr. and Rachel Dodds Coffin /1953
John L. Collins
Joseph Conboy and Elizabeth Lawler Conboy /1971
Sonia Connick
Barbara Lynn Consler 1979
#Richard J. Cook and Teresa M. Lahti H2006/H2006
Douglas G. Corderman and Joan Jaeckel Corderman /1967
#Jack B. Corey and Foresteen Miller Corey 1942/P1986
#Pauline Seely Cosyns 1959
Anne Claude Cotty 1970
Curt A. Cramer and Mary Eaton Cramer 1984/1985
Constance Bianchi Crawford 1966
Tye J. Cressman and Meghan White Cressman
Linda Hollister Crocker /1963
Martha Wood Cubberley 1955
Thomas Frank Cubbon 1985
John S. Culbertson 1951
Jeffrey S. Dacales 1976
David B. Dalzell, Jr. 1966
William F. Damitz and Susanne R. Damitz 1962/
Jewel Shaw Danoff 1948
Chris Alan Daverse and Sally Mayo Daverse 1988/
#Edward David 1961
#Eleanor Bainer Davies
#Ann Simakas Degenhart and Larry Degenhart 1971/
John H. Demmler
William J. Dewitt III and Marcia T. Dewitt 1968/
Philip James Dineen and Heidi Dineen 1980/
#*Paula Dotson P1974
Lucille M. Duff
George E. Dull, Jr. and Susanne Dull 1966/
Ruth Hadley Dunbar
#Diane L. Duntley 1962
*Janice Turner Eagye 1953
V. A. Eagye 1953
Nancy McCune Edelman 1950
Robert O. Elder and Candace Campbell Elder /1965
#Brett Elliott and Gwendolyn Terhune Elliott 1965/1964
John R. Erbey and Bobbi Titus Erbey 1962/
William C. Erbey and Elaine Erbey 1971/
Deborah Bliss Factor 1962
#*Gail Howe Fahrner 1956
James R. Fairburn 1972
Roberta Emery Faloon P1977
#Clive Gregson and Mary H. Feeley /1978
*Henry E. Fish
Laurana Schultz Fish 1947
Peter D. Fleming and Brian R. King 1978/
James W. Flewelling and Sandra Ohman Flewelling 1972/1972
#David N. Flieger and Juliana Haude Flieger 1965/1966
Janet Zimmerman Foord 1946
#Bruce R. Forsgren 1954
Norman F. Foy and Patricia Stickney Foy /1966
Daphne Wolf Franc 1953
#William O. H. Freund, Jr. and Carol Darnell Freund /1954
#John B. Frick and Deborah K. Watson 1972/1972
Harry W. Fritts and Jane Miller Fritts P1976/1947
#Frank B. Fuhrer, Jr. and Heidi H. Wenger Fuhrer 1948/P1985
Joanne Babcock Fuller 1953
Richard E. Fulton and Irene McDowell Fulton 1961/1961
Jeannette A. Gape 1964
John M. Garber and Diane Owen Garber 1974/1974
#Cecelia Bowdoin Gardner
Edgar Gaston and Carol Waechter Gaston /1946
#Samuel P. Gerace 1958
Janet S. Gibbs
#Robert Andrews Gibson 1957
#Robert W. Glenn and Cordelia Nuzum Glenn 1957/1958
Kathryn A. Goepfert 1969
Susan Denise Gola 1981
#Linda Beth Goldstein 1979
Robert T. Golier and Sue Wolfram Golier /1964
Robert J. Mondi and Victoria Gorrell /1975
James C. Gossweiler and Veronica Gossweiler 1985/
#L. Carolyn Estep Graffam 1954
W. David Graham and Ruth A. Graham 1969/
Brian Lee Greenburg and Cynthia Isoe Greenburg 1981/
Robert O. Guth
Jane Wicker Guy 1959
Gladys M. Haddad 1952
Glenn G. Hanniford and Barbara Pelander Hanniford 1968/1969
John H. Harth and Jean Gillis Harth /1949
Jeanne Lindauer Hartig 1972
Richard C. Hartung 1950
William Raymond Hartz and Susan Spencer Hartz 1979/1979
John M. Harvey, Jr. and Debra Harvey 1977/
Janell Loyd Haygood 1979
Ronald E. Heath and Ginny Heath
Scott D. Hefren and Jami Hefren 1976/
Stephen Hegner 1973
Wendy Prodan Hegy /1971
H. Arlan Heiser and Janice Grender Heiser 1955/1956
#Jonathan E. Helmreich and Nancy Moyers Helmreich /1959
E. Alexander Hill and Barbara Bell Hill 1957/1958
John B. Hill and Margaret M. Hill 1953/P1989
Janet R. Hirt 1964
Robin Menge Hoffman 1975
Hazen Mark Hornyak and Lesa Hornyak 1998/
Michelle Bauer Houser 1998/
Susan Wick Howe 1965
John A. Howell, Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Howell 1966/P1995
Philip M. Hubbard and Ivana K. Kazda 1970/
Richard Herbert Hughes 1948
Christian Riblet Hurley and Dana Burton Hurley 1978/
John R. Hutcherson and Judy Boykin Hutcherson 1965/
Brian William Hutton and Mary Weir Hutton 1991/
Howard E. R. Hutton, Jr. and Sally J. Hutton 1964/P1991
#Sue O'Connor Idleman 1955
Ann Baker Jenkins
Tom H. Jenkins and Anne Hunter Jenkins /1959
Scott Douglas Johns and Sharon Johns 1988/
Robert E. Johnson and Nancy Luse Johnson /1951
Norman L. Johnson and Judith Rowell Johnson 1959/1960
Christopher R. B. Monck and Susan K. Jones /1969
Terrence D. Kelly 1968
#John M. Kelso, Jr. and Lydia W. Kelso 1966/
#James Darrell Kennedy and Joan Saunders Kennedy 1958/
William M. Kennedy 1941
Charles B. Ketcham and Joyce Ketcham
#Ralph L. Ketcham and Julia S. Ketcham 1949/
Walter C. Kinkele and Winifred Haring Kinkele /1961
William R. Caroselli and Dusty Elias Kirk /1975
Robert B. Kistler and Ann Aronson Kistler /1958
Russell Kittel and Janet MacKenzie Kittel /1975
#J. Arvid Klein and Cynthia Crimmins 1954/
Richard J. Klein and Marjorie S. Klein
Eugene A. Kline 1962
Robert V. Klingberg and Katie Klingberg 1991/
Joseph Robert Knupp and Marissa Kristen Knupp 2005/
Carol A. Kolmerten
Kenneth L. Kolson and Jane Barnhart Kolson 1967/1969
Kenneth A. Kress and Karen Bates Kress /1967
Victor P. Kress and Karen Kress 1960/
James W. Kudless and Dianne Clarke Kudless 1973/1973
John Matson Kutz and Kathleen Semple Kutz 1983/P2018
Crispin T. Lachner and Judith Lachner 1970/
Nelson J. Larkins 1983
James R. Lauffer and Marilyn Brewster Lauffer 1956/1957
Gail Baker Lavely P1970
Joseph Lawendowski and Marilyn L. Lawendowski P1993/P1993
Annelise Schrader Leedy /1957
Lewis E. Leidwinger and Marie Leidwinger 1973/
Jeffrey E. Leimbacher 1974
Lawrence C. Levine 1976
#Steven D. Levinsky and Denise Girardin 1978/
  Richard R. Lewellen and Muriel Jackson Lewellen /1961
#Carol E. Lewis 1952
Richard A. Lewis 1974
#James T. Linaberger and Sandra Kenyon Linaberger 1959/1962
*Florence Sells Lord 1941
#Barbara Lotze
Michael Lupfer and Barbara Yellig Lupfer /1968
#James W. Lyons 1954
Marjorie MacQuown
Gail A. Mallory 1969
#Jack K. Mandel and Judith Mizinski Mandel 1958/P1990
Antoinette Swain Marwitz 1966
Ann Hatch Mathers 1959
William A. McCartney and Judith Toone McCartney 1953/P1979
Jeffrey L. McClendon and Sharon Richey McClendon 1977/1978
*Eileen R. McDonnell 1953
#Geraldine McKinnon McElree P1981
#Robert M. McGee and Mary Lehman McGee 1969/1968
#Michael N. McGrew and Ellen White McGrew 1954/1957
#Darrell W. McIndoe and Carole McClain McIndoe 1952/1952
David A. McKay 1961
#L. Dennis McKeever and Cathelia Forsyth McKeever /1963
Andrea L. McKinty
Lawrence John Mencotti and Melissa Curry Mencotti
Robert W. Meredith and Lois Meredith 1957/
Cordelia Parish Merritt 1954
Richard A. Metzger
Jeffrey Maine Miller 2002
Nancy Delabriandais Miller
Joel D. Minnigh and Margaret Crowther Minnigh 1971/1973
Gary A. Mitchell and Judith Senkewitz Mitchell 1960/1960
Michael A. Mize and Barbara Marvin Mize 1971/1971
Robert J. Mondi and Victoria Gorrell /1975
Thomas Phillip Monson and Roberta Mills Monson /1963
Pauline Wolford Mooney 1972
#Loyal D. Moore 1951
#*Marjorie Hughes Moore 1950
Erin Brady Morehouse 2004
Arnold Morelli and Gloria Keyes Morelli /1952
Judith Koper Morris 1973
Barbara Thompson Morrison 1963
#Silas R. Mountsier III 1952
Stevenson Mountsier and Sylvia Thomas Mountsier 1952/1951
Emily Mull
#Thomas E. Mustio and Maxine A. Mustio 1953/
Arlene Mutschler
Thomas A. Myers 1971
Jeanette B. Neithamer
#Carl F. Nelson and Christine Scott Nelson P2014/1973
Peter B. Nelson and Katherine O'Neil Nelson /1959
John H. Niles, Jr. and Amy Lefkowitch Niles 1959/
Jill Radcliffe Norton 1955
#Lars John Nyman 1954
Thomas Francis O'Boyle and Louise Mathews O'Boyle 1978/P2009
Barbara Olmstead
Christine D. Olson 1966
James Edgar Oskin and Susan Muha Oskin 1983/1983
Frank S. Palen 1969
Darrell Scott Park and Lisa Dawe 1991/
Andrea Ammann Parker 1967
Charles A. Parlette and Carol Pearson Parlette 1956/1957
Thomas A. Patterson, Jr. and Erna J. Patterson 1949/
H. Richard Pears and Rosalie H. Pears 1968/
Audrey Salyer Perkins 1959
#R. Bruce Perry and Beverly Moreton Perry 1954/1954
Dale A. Persons and Brenda Persons 1968/
W. Peter Peterson 1959
#John C. Phillips, Jr. and Joyce Nickmeyer Phillips 1956/1956
Michael S. Piraino and Carin Piraino 1974/
Alan T. Popp and Cindy Popp 1968/
Anthony James Powell and Stefanie Powell 1990/
#Richard W. Powers and Christine M. Powers 1958/
#Mitchell J. Pulwer and Michol L. Sheridan 1975/1977
Robert L. Purvis 1980
*Janet Jackson Query 1966
Marian Riley Reed 1962
Ruth Salisbury Reid 1942
Bruce J. Renn and Audrey Renn 1973/
James L. Rhinesmith 1944
#Marjorie Beck Ritchie 1950
#Francis R. Rivette and Judith La Manna Rivette 1974/
Robert W. Rockwell and Theresa B. Rockwell 1966/
Jose Antonio Rodriguez 1989
Paul W. Roese and Beverly C. Depew Roese 1953/P1980
Max Eugene Roha 1944
Carl E. Rosenkilde and Wendy Ellison Rosenkilde /1962
George R. Ross and Glenda A. Ross 1971/
Andrew Ross and Paula Kovacs Ross /1999
#Peter M. Ross and Elizabeth Clements Ross 1961/1961
William G. Ross 1961
David T. Roy and Barbara Chew Roy /1953
Leonard M. Rubin and Donna Hollenberg 1954/
Kathleen Burns Ruhl 1975
Thomas J. Sadvary and Mary Tegley Sadvary 1975/
Carol Hirschman Samuels 1952
Sandra A. Sanford and Jennifer I. Wardwell
Eleanor Morris Sauer P1982
#Edward R. Savel, Jr. 1958
Frank Savor and Linda K. Savor
#William M. Saxman, Jr. 1960
Kristina Gulick Schaefer and Lisa Chapnick /1983
Suzanne Johnson Schlenger 1951
Janet A. Schmidt 1975
#Louis P. Scibetta and Rosemarie Langford Scibetta 1957/1958
#Mario Peter Scibetta and Eleanor Wood Scibetta 1954/
Mason B. Scott and Karene B. Scott P2011/P2011
R. Stephen Scott and Jean Scott 1967/
Michael R. Seifried and Linda Miller Seifried /1967
Roger F. Sembrat and Kathleen Sembrat 1963/P1995
David W. Semian and Carol Bunde Semian 1964/P1993
#Virginia Miller Shaffer 1934
Robert G. Shannon and Marilyn Werley Shannon 1953/1950
Kieran James Shea and Miriam Hutchins Shea /1988
M. Andrew Sheffler and Gaye Wolcott Sheffler 1962/
Hilburn K. Shelton 1967
Nancy Latta and Christine Anne Shipley /1984
Sydni Crawford Shollenberger 1962
Doris Shurmer
Margaret Toman Siegle 1970
#Thomas N. Slonaker, Sr. and Nina Slonaker P1993/P1993
Jane Saville Smith 1953
Linda C. Smith 1971
Doris Larsen Snell 1946
Larry Joseph Solomon 1962
Nancy Demott Solomon 1965
#James H. Spalding 1980
Richard T. Faull and Sandra Spence /1963
Daniel R. Spencer and Elizabeth Pohley Spencer /1996
Jonathan R. Spencer 1979
Carr Spitler
Jane Parsons Springer 1955
Howard E. Sprout and Karen J. Sprout 1969/
#Thomas M. St. Clair and Sarah Stewart St. Clair 1957/1959
#Philip L. St. Moritz 1961
#Arthur D. Steffee, Jr. and Patricia Steffee 1956/
#Erica Collins Steffee P1984
Laura Stein
Frank W. Steinle and Patricia L. Steinle 1949/
Richard W. Stenberg and Ruth Irvin Stenberg 1969/1971
Bruce M. Stephens and Carolyn Knorr Stephens 1961/1961
#Sue E. Steven and W. Craig Blasingame 1975/P1994
Janet Porter Stevens 1962
Mae C. Stewart P1987
*Richard A. Stewart 1956
Kenneth M. Stone 1964
Marilyn Curtis Stoops
#Hayes C. Stover and Patricia Dolan Stover 1962/1962
Patricia Perry Stoye 1947
Martha Kruper Straw 1978
#Mary Louise Lyon Strong
#Wilson W. Strong, Jr. and Sherry Westerland Strong 1965/1964
*Charles E. Suhr 1955
#Henry B. Suhr, Jr. and Beverly Suhr 1955/P1984
#John F. Sutphen and Jamie Sansone Sutphen 1978/1979
Diane Sutter 1972
Judith M. Swann P2016
Austin D. Swanson 1952
Lawrence N. Tallamy and Gerald Gaschen 1971/
Mary Thoburn Tame 1964
#Arthur Tepper and Elizabeth Ernst Tepper 1958/P1985
Crawford R. Thoburn and Karen Hindenlang 1954/P1983
Theodore G. Thoburn and Barbara Wilson Thoburn 1960/1960
#Bruce Robert Thompson 1986
James E. Thompson 1969
#Carol Hefren Tillotson 1954
#William H. Timbers, Jr. and Jeannette Mattson Timbers 1972/P2005
#Henry B. Tippie
Frank L. Todd and Marcia T. Todd 1956/
Thomas Lumis Traub and Holly W. Traub 1980/
Donald P. Truesdell and Patricia Rogers Truesdell 1966/1967
Alan B. Tulipan
Robert M. Tuttle and Karen Tuttle P2006/P2006
Ellis E. Underkoffler and Bonnie Campbell Underkoffler /1966
John Robert Utberg and Cecile Utberg 1958/P1986
Neal D. Van Marter, M.D.
Dane T. Velie 1970
#Ruth Ann Peterson Verell 1957
#George J. Vukmer and Leona M. Vukmer 1959/P1982
#Robert Vukovich and Laura J. Vukovich 1965/
John R. Walton Cale 1975
Jeanne S. Ward
Marion Brook Taylor Ward 1951
William D. Watson II and Linda Knepper Watson 1973/1973
Karl William Weiss 1987
Robert J. Westlake and Barbara Westlake 1957/
R. Jay Whaley and Sallie Whaley 1958/
#John D. Wheeler and Margaret Seelbach Wheeler 1961/
Edward V. Whirty and Patricia A. Whirty 1967/
Robert C. Whittum and Madeleine Ream Whittum /1959
Barbara Johnson Wigton 1948
Joann Holliday Wildman 1953
Joyce Lowry Williams 1953
*Carolyn Flint Wilson 1952
Dorothy Dittmer Winchester 1948
Paul R. Wineman, Jr.
#Karen Patterson Wise 1969
Sally L. Wissel 1977
John O. Woods and D. Elizabeth Orris Woods 1949/1949
#Robert C. Woodworth and Joyce Durocher Woodworth 1969/
Ann Clark Wright 1955
*Hugh M. Wright 1955
David R. Wuertzer and Virginia Judd Wuertzer 1966/1966
#Glen G. Wurst
#Doyle Edward Wyre 1962
Jesse Woolridge Yare 1969
Lisa Marie Young
John S. Zacharias and Joan Zacharias 1968/
Timothy J. Zaro 1979
Scott E. Zimmerer and Terri Zimmerer 1976/
Lance Zingale, Jr. and Karen Miller Zingale 1977/
Samuel Joseph Ziskind and Edith Ziskind 1938/P1971
Donald P. Zuris and Gaye Tabin Zuris 1966/



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